American Rat Terrier Rescue Corporation, ARTR Corp., is devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of rat terriers of all ages. Upon entering ARTR Corp.'s care, each rescue is evaluated for general health and inoculated against distemper, corona, bordetella, paravirus, parvo and rabies. After the Rat Terrier is restored to good physical and emotional health and spayed or neutered the search begins for the best and most appropriate home.

In strict compliance with National All breed Rescue guidelines, all Rat Terriers from ARTR Corp. are in good health and either spayed or neutered prior to placement in a new home.

Great care is taken to ensure that the new home meets the specific needs of the individual Rat Terrier by providing a loving and safe haven for this new family member.

Prospective owners and family members are carefully screened and the home premises inspected before the Rat Terrier is introduced into the new environment. At future date, a follow-up visit is made by ARTR Corp. to ensure that all is going well.

ARTR Corp. remains available as a supportive resource to the family for the life of the Rat Terrier. All new owners of a Rat Terrier from ARTR Corp. are required to sign a contract agreeing to maintain the best possible health of the Rat Terrier and further stating that, in the event that circumstances change and the Rat Terrier can no longer remain in their home, it must be returned to ARTR Corp. and cannot be sold, given away or taken to a shelter for replacement.

American Rat Terrier Rescue is devoted solely to rescue and neither endorses nor promotes any individual or organization not dedicated to rescue according to these guidelines.

Steve and Ceci Giacoma
American Rat Terrier Rescue

A Special Appeal
Can You Help?
Griffin is the youngest member of a close and loving family that is committed to saving him but they cannot do this without your help.


Immediate Adoptions
We currently have several dogs that are in need of immediate adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, take some time to fully explore the information and links throughout this site. Learn about the breed and make an educated decision to adopt.

After reviewing the material, if you are still interested in adopting a Rat Terrier, fill out an Adoption Form.

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